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How To Know When To Move

Knowing that it’s time to buy a new home can go one of two ways: it can be as clear as day or quite murky and unsure. When the decision process is stuck in that stagnant middle ground, it helps to consider a few signs that it’s time to move to a new home.

Everything seems cramped at your house. As often the case with starter homes, you can simply outgrow your current space. Back when you bought it, it seemed perfect and you loved it, but now the storage space is inadequate and the kitchen is too small for entertaining. Every home has a maximum capacity; your family may have reached that point. Re-organizing and decluttering are worthwhile endeavors and could help you get through a short period, but chances are, it’s time for a bigger space.

There is too much unused space. Just as a small home can become too small over time, as children leave, a large, family home can feel too big. Why pay to heat and cool unused rooms? Maintenance projects can quickly pile up among all of that square footage. If you’re tired of spending weekends making repairs, that’s a sign it might be time to move to a smaller home and reclaim your leisure time. If empty bedrooms bring sad memories of days gone by, it could be time for a fresh start and renewed focus.

The neighborhood has declined. Time marches on, and sometimes what was great many years ago can become too noisy, dangerous, or unbearable for a number of valid reasons. It’s important to notice the first signs of a decline in the neighborhood in order to maintain your initial investment. The value of homes in declining neighborhoods can drop rather quickly.

Your home is becoming a money pit. If you live in an older home, you may reach a point when repair costs have gotten out of hand. If a new roof and a new A/C unit are needed within several months, those costs add up quickly. Even small-ish repairs can become significant when needed continuously. If fix-up costs are becoming a regular expense, take time to look at your options. It could be that continuing to repair your home could cause you to spend more than it’s worth.

Happiness has faded. Quality of life is intangible but crucial. If you dread going home because you might find yet another water leak, or you spend too much time commuting when you’d rather be home with your family, it’s time to do something about it.

Remember how much you loved your current home in the beginning? You can get that contentment back again, you just need the right surroundings. Pay attention to your intuition. The great news is that you don’t have to forge ahead on your own. Consulting with one of our realtors can help you see your options more clearly. We can help you get a game plan together so you can move forward with purpose.