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Using Both Logic and Emotion in the Home Buying Process

The yin and yang of emotions and logic are present in many decisions we make. We spy a sweater in red, our favorite color, and we must buy it. That perfume has a hint of vanilla and reminds us of Grandma’s cookies, warm from the oven and before we know it, the perfume is purchased.

On the other hand, we know we have to mow the grass on the weekend whether we feel like it or not because that’s when we’ve allotted time for it (as long as it’s not raining!). We also know we have to finish projects X and Y this week in order to stay on track at the office. We do these things to stay on schedule, emotions aren’t allowed to dictate the progress.

As you’re house hunting, you may know the square footage you desire, the neighborhood that suits your family, and the price you want to pay, but it can all be trumped by your emotions when you walk through the door. Smells, colors, neighborhood sounds — they all have an influence.

The role of emotions varies by each individual but it certainly plays a part in the decision process, and it makes a potential buyer more wise to recognize their own tendency toward one or the other. It’s important to feel a connection to the home you’re buying but don’t abandon all logic. Conversely, don’t be so consumed with numbers and interest rates that you end up buying a home you don’t love. A good balance of emotion and logic will serve you well as you search for the home that fits your needs best.

Asking yourself how the house will function for your family, how you will use each room, and if the layout works for your needs is helpful on the emotional level. Along the logical line of thinking, does the price fit within your budget? What is the resale value of it? Can you add improvements while staying within market value?

Your realtor can help you maintain a proper balance of emotion and logic. If you veer off in one direction, he or she can bring you back to the middle ground. By tapping into both sides of the brain, you can arrive at a home buying decision that both feels great and is in line with your budget and bottom line. It’s a win on all levels.