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Growing Families Need More Space

The charming cottage that you and your husband or wife bought as newlyweds may have lost some of its luster now that you have two children, a dog, and a bird. There isn’t quite as much room as you navigate through the toys strewn all over the living room floor and hit your toe on the the baby bed that now lives in the “master” bedroom (even though that bedroom is about as big as a postage stamp). It seems now is the time for more room for your growing family.

Here are a few details to consider as you look to buy a bigger home:

Choose a home that will grow with you. You already know what it feels like to run out of room, so keep that in mind as you choose your next home. Storage is necessary, so look for plenty of cabinets, closets, attic space, and perhaps an outdoor shed or building.

Look for a family-friendly yard. Kids and outdoor play areas to hand-in-hand. Room for their swings, trampoline, and bicycles is important. A fenced-in yard will likely also be high on your wish list. As you’re looking at potential homes, check out the neighbors. If you see signs of families having young children (outdoor play equipment and bicycles in the back yard), it’s a good sign that you’ve found a family-friendly neighborhood.

Kitchen space is imperative. Family and friends will inevitably gather in the kitchen, so having plenty of space to work within while people visit is a plus.

Location is a big deal. You can change almost anything about a home except its location, so choose wisely. Of course, school zones are important and so is safety, but also look for a manageable commute time and nearby parks. Finding a home with these perks will add to your enjoyment over the years.

Decide how you feel about stairs and a swimming pool. Some parents are fine with stairs and others need a one-story home; a swimming pool can provide hours of fun for families and lots of memories while other parents worry about the potential for accidents and the liability. If you find a home with these features, give thought about how they might work with your family’s needs.

We’ve helped many families graduate to bigger homes and we’d love to help you find the perfect one for your growing family.