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Setting the Stage for a Sell

Selling a home during winter in Southwest Louisiana may not be ideal, but not impossible. Careful staging is the key.

If your home has a gas fireplace, have it on during every showing when the weather is cool. A wood-burning fireplace is a great asset, but only use it if someone will be home to monitor it throughout the showing. While we don’t often use fireplaces in SWLA, now is the perfect time to have it on, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Combat the gray days and dark evenings by turning on all lamps, even if the home is shown during the day. Open the curtains to allow as much natural light as possible.

To showcase your kitchen as an entertaining space – a huge attraction – set out cookies or a cake (buy them, they don’t have to be homemade) with pretty dessert plates and nice napkins. It’s small touches like this that will make your home feel warm and inviting. Your potential buyers can picture themselves entertaining in the space, and that’s the image we want to convey.

Because the landscaping might not be lush this time of the year, highlight the patio with cozy throw pillows on the furniture and drape a soft throw over the arm of the patio chair. Be sure the patio table is dressed with a pretty tray and perhaps a statue of a bird, leaf, or something outdoorsy. Sweep away any leaves and freshen the welcome mat, if it’s worn.

Above all, work with a qualified realtor to set a reasonable selling price. Because winter sales are less competitive, it’s important to price the home well. You don’t want to scare away potential buyers before they even step inside the house. We know the current market and can guide you on a fair deal.

Hopefully, the For Sale sign could be gone before spring arrives.