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Decorating Trends through the Years

When you think of home decorating trends through the years, what comes to mind?

Shag carpet from the 70’s, or maybe vinyl chairs from the 50’s? How about the dark, cherry wood furniture and floral wallpaper from the 80’s?

The emotion and culture of a time can often be immediately captured through a look at old photos of homes.

We enjoyed reading this blog post about home decorating through the years. Doesn’t it bring back so many memories?!

In the 1950s, families enjoyed being together again post-war and the baby boom was coming on strong. Color was the main theme with many rooms being decorated in pastel shades, especially pink.  A positive outlook was held by most people, and even the appliances were available now in bright, happy colors including yellow. Formica countertops were all the rage.

The 60s brought change. Making a statement was the main focus. Mismatched colors, psychedelic elements and oversized florals were popular.
In the 1970s, shag carpeting was everywhere. Earth tones and wood paneling rounded out the trifecta of trending home decorating in the 70s. Many homes now had a “rec” room for family entertaining; the precursor to today’s man cave.
Color reemerged in the 80s with bold neon shades. To counteract the bright colors, neutral shades in kitchen countertops and appliances were available. The focus on kitchens wasn’t as great during this decade as families opted for take-out food and entertained in their great rooms.

Minimalism reigned during the 90s, with high ceilings and skylights creating the illusion of more room. Open concept floor plans came into vogue, allowing everyone to live within the same space.

The 21st century continues with an open feel. TV’s and stereos continue to get thinner, electronics are not as bulky and invasive in living spaces. Designer kitchens are popular with stainless steel appliances adding a sleek touch.
When it comes to furnishing a home with appliances, furniture and decor items, it’s not only about what’s in style; it’s also about what’s within financial reach, and what’s readily available within your community.
Regardless of the moving pieces, though, there is generally a similar trend of decorating and furnishing a home that most people gravitate toward, giving each decade an similar theme.

While we may never fully embrace shag carpeting again (or avocado-green appliances or paneling in every room), seeing these rooms from previous decades is like a time capsule; bringing back fond memories of a by-gone era.