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Relocating? We’re here to help!

Moving to a new city is usually exciting and frightening at the same time. The thrill of a brand new place is fun, but figuring out where to shop, where to register to vote, and the hundred other new things can be overwhelming.

Among the other great reasons to use a realtor is our expertise in the relocation process. Our knowledge goes beyond mortgage calculations and closings, we’re there for you to help you with the details of settling in Southwest Louisiana. We want your transition to be smooth and for you and your family to have the smoothest move possible. Check this link on our website for more information about Lake Charles.

We’ve found this timeline helpful for most cases:

Six weeks until move: if you decide to hire a moving company, it’s time to get estimates and confirm their services. It’s also time to begin collecting boxes and packing materials.

One month until move: contact utility companies to set up shut-off and turn-on times. Check your freezer and begin to plan meals using your frozen foods. This is often forgotten until it’s time to move, but a little pre-planning helps.

One week until move: transfer or close checking and savings accounts, service your car if you’re traveling a significant distance; forward mail through the Post Office, and begin packing. When packing, start with seldom used things; don’t pack away items you’ll need to access day-to-day.

Moving day: plan to be at your current house to oversee the movers because there will be many last-minute decisions needed. Don’t leave until after the movers have gone. Exchange contact information with the driver, in case of a problem.

Being prepared for the move makes the process a lot more smooth. There will always be challenges, but at least you have handled most of the details; and remember, we’re by your side, ready to help.